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Need more convincing?

Why I use WriteBook?

We've simplified everything to slant it towards writing for an author. To immerse you in writing. While you are writing.

And we've only added things that have a meaning for you to use.

But we've not sacrificed any writing features.

  • If you can write, you can use the software.
  • We've hidden all the complexities of writing in the settings, where you can use them if you want, but don't have to. So that they are there for you, but you can ignore them and just write.
  • You can actually talk to us directly and I mean directly and request what you want, any time and any place.
  • We've made it so that your writing automatically follows you, on any device, any where there waiting for you, exactly as you left it. Say you are writing on your Desktop, Mac or PC and decide you want to go to the living room and use your android tablet or iPad on the couch instead, you open it up and there it is. Waiting for you. Automatically sync'd and waiting, you didn't have to do anything, but write.
  • You go to the coffee shop and think of something you want to add. Open your tablet and add it. At home on your desktop, open and add it. At the grocery store and think of an idea? Open your phone and add it. It's just that simple.
  • You don't have to worry about saving. Or backing up unless you want to. It's automatic.
  • Everything is setup for an Author and Writer. Notes, Ideas, Chapters, Stories, Manuscripts, Works in Progress. No need to fiddle, just write your story, novel, novella, dissertation etc... You can name the chapters and stories, notes and idea pages anything. Which means you can use it for anything.
  • Nothing to get in the way of your writing.
  • We're new, and improved. We are actually new. As a newer software with thousands of authors and writers using our software we are constantly asking for our users to help us understand what they want. So you can request and we will do. Try that with anybody else. Even the people that say it.
  • We're not at the end of our development cycle, we are being directed by our users, that we talk with daily. So still adding things, but that's part of the coolness of doing it for our users.
  • We've made partnerships, and are making partnerships to allow plugins in the software, from other companies that are coming out with other author and writing software. So in the future there will be grammar options, automated editing options and so on to choose from, that you can choose from, what ever you decide or decide not to.
  • We've simplfied the writing, it's just you and the writing. To just show the writing. People want to get in and get out and do their writing. We've decided we want it to be different. Like our authors. Smart, simple, clean and easy. And yes fun.
  • The software will grow as we grow, as you grow.

Don't wait do it now.

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