Software for discovery writers/pantsers, plotters, and everyone in between.

Keep fast, easy, writing notes and complete writing tasks done your way.

Turn your notes instantly into doable writing tasks. Then drag them done.

Easily write and keep track of writing notes, finish writing tasks, and keep track of draft changes without any hassle or stress.

Notefire takes away the stress of keeping and writing active writing notes.

Active notes/notetaking. Organize and map your notes.

Writing Notes, done right. Let's get started.

  • Notefire Notes And Tasks
  • Notefire Move Notes, Tasks.
  • Notefire Notes And Tasks Info
  • Notefire Notes And Tasks Export
  • Notefire Notes And Tasks
  • Notefire Move Notes, Tasks.
  • Notefire Notes And Tasks Info
  • Notefire Notes And Tasks Export
Notefire 4 Features

Fast, Fun, Writing Notes.

Take the stress out of writing notes, drafts, and writing tasks.

Turbocharge your writing draft speed.

Keep Your Draft Changes in your writing notes and do them all at once.

Make your drafts easier and faster to write. Take out the stress.

Drag and Drop your writing notes/writing tasks to success.

Make your writing notes and writing tasks easier to handle.

Easily do multiple drafts in your writing notes and tasks,

Open Multiple Views of your writing notes/drafts in your browser tabs.

Tab between, compare, and work on your different draft notes right in your computer's browser.

Simple, easy, no special software needed.

If you don't have Notefire you are missing out.

Start keeping writing notes and tasks whenever you want. Focus on your story.

A clear story writes fast.

Start taking writing notes & tasks fast

It's simple and easy to use. But powerful. Easy to understand.

You'll know how to use it at a glance. Fast to get started.

Focus on the story & drafts

Focus on the story, draft, scene, or chunk of text you are working on.

Keep ideas and drafts easily separate. Even manage writing tasks.

Easily use with your current writing software and writing process.

Export your writing notes & tasks boards, notes, writing tasks, draft notes, and use with other software.

Currently - Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and HTML. More coming.

Use with your current writing software and writing process, by opening Notefire in a browser tab.

Finish your story faster, better.

Start taking notes on any device whenever you want, before making the changes.

While thinking them through.

Then write fast and edit your story and fix it.

Really see your story in your draft notes

Let your draft notes and writing tasks help you really see your story.

How it shapes and changes.

Let your Notefire software motivate you, it's fun to complete things

It's motivating and fun to see your draft, writing, task notes get completed.

Drag them to In-Process, and then Done. Customize to your process.

Notefire helps and keeps you from missing things.

Speeds up your writing process.

Create multiple writing notes & tasks boards

Create as many writing notes & tasks boards as you want.

While thinking, before you write or after you draft.

To write fast.

Keep track of your writing, story, and anything else.

Track what needs to get done, leave notes, writing, prep, anything.

Stay motivated.

Track your writing

Track your writing, prep, ideas, or anything else you need to track/note.

To do, in process, and done lists.

Customize and create any draggable lists you need for your own lists and writing process.

Drag and drop between lists

Drag and drop your tasks, notes, thoughts, ideas, between the to do, in process, and done lists.

Actually see and feel the results. Or create your own lists or writing process.

See Everything

See Everything in all your lists.

Keep motivated.

Leave notes or thoughts or descriptions.

See things change.

And more.

Notefire is chocked full of features, and yet clean and simple to use.

Unlimited note writing projects

There's no limit in the writing projects you can create.

Download everything

You can download/export everything.

To be saved, backed up, or as text to be used or viewed in other software.

All areas in the software can be downloaded/exported.

Fun to use

Use anywhere.

Notefire makes writing fun.

It's clean, it's simple, and yet it's chocked full of ton's of functionality.

Add Notefire to your current writing process.

Use Notefire with your current writing process and software.