Our Story.

WriterStat was founded on the love for stories. But not only for the love of stories, but for the love of the creation of stories and how they are created.

Who We Are.

WriterStat is a leading software developer of Useful Author Writing Software. We are a company focused on creating the most creative and time-saving writing software for all authors of all types on all platforms.

What We Believe.

We believe that software should be fun to use and economical, easy to access and use for all.

Our Founder.

Our founder was the VP Of Engineering, and Director Of Engineering/Software Development at a number of successful financial payments startup companies. Two of which acquired by eBay.

Our founder created and brought the original concepts and ideas of Person to Person Payments and Emailing P2P Payments to the Internet in an effort to help individuals and small companies grow.

They now write MG, YA, and Sci-Fi Fantasy novels. Which means they will want to create the finest author writing software and then share it with you.

Our Mission.

To create the most useful, beautiful, easy to use, quality, responsive Author Writing Software!

Our Goal.

To create software that saves authors time and that makes writing novels and stories fun again. To serve the author community steadfastly.

Our Promise.

To steadfastly always be there when you need us, when anyone needs help. To constantly, iteratively, and consistently strive to create better software for writing authors and artists.

Our Culture And Corporate Citizenship.

We promise to try to use any monies or donations collected for the software after paying for servers as donations to Alzheimer's Research and to provide accessible writing software, books, and resources to kids and adults. My Dad had Alzheimer's and died of Alzheimer's complications. As an author, it's terrible not to be able to read and write.